Youth Sports

Help us find those diamonds in the rough. 


The age of eligibility begins at 3 years old and ends at 14. All potential participants can sign-up to audition at A parent permission slip is attached to the application and must be filled out in completion by a parent or guardian.

Auditions will be held in the 4 counties on the following dates:

Delkalb/Newton:                  September 2017

Fulton County:                        September, 2017

Chattahoochee:                      September, 2017

Chatham:                                    September, 2017        

Target Areas
The The Show! of amazing kids will be held in 4 counties: Dekalb/Newton, Fulton, Chattachoochee and Chatham. The grand finale will be held in the City of Atlanta. The dates of the shows are as follows:


Dekalb/Newton:                    September, 2017

Fulton:                                          September, 2017

Chattahoochee:                      September, 2017

Chatham:                                    September, 2017

City of Atlanta:                        September, 2017


Share your child's talent with the world

Don’t Count Me Out presents The Show! of amazing kids to 4 communities at the four corners of the state of Georgia. This show will kick off our Anti-Violence campaign for young people. We will gather the kids with the most amazing talents and showcase their skills in four variety filled shows.

Finalist of each show will have a chance to WIN a prize of $1,000, a free year of registration and equipment for any sport offered by Don’t Count Me Out Georgia Patriots or a grand prize of tickets to Disney World for his/her family and a two year-membership to the Georgia Patriots. Kids with extraordinary talent will be connected to the talent agency matching his/her skill.

Help us find those diamonds in the rough. 

Youth Sports

Renita & Regina of TwinSportsTV will be the commentators of the The Show! of amazing kids. They will participate in a social media campaign and go on a 4 county 23 radio station campaign to promote the shows and build awareness of Don’t Count Me Out. The categories of talent are:

  • Unusual & Amazing Talent
  • Comedy
  • Music/Dance
  • Science
  • Modeling
  • Media & Videos
  • Something Original

 Talent       Show!

Youth Sports

Help us find those diamonds in the rough.

The Show! of amazing kids







of Amazing Kids!

Examples of YouTube young talent sensations. You could be next!